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Spring 2016 Gatty Lecture Series


January 28, 2016

Title: "Daughters and Diaspora: Burmese Narratives and Interventions in the Twenty-First Century"

Speaker: Tamara Ho, Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of California Riverside


February 4, 2016

Title: "Forest Hermits, Harvest Festivals and a Leap of Faith: Imagination and Recovery in the Aftermath of the Khmer Rouge"

Speaker: Eve Zucker, Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University at Newark


February 11, 2016

Title: "Buddha Shrines: A Cross-Cultural Study of Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka"

Speaker: Chotima Chaturawong, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University


February 18, 2016

Title: "'Sadej Tia' and the Chakri Shadow Line: A Popular Challenge to a Hyper-Royalist Historical Narrative?"

Speaker: Richard Ruth, Associate Professor, History, US Naval Academy


February 25, 2016

Title: "The Politics of Gender and Sexuality of Fundamentalist Muslims and the Politics of Knowledge Production of Feminist Groups in Contemporary Indonesia”

Speaker: Farid Muttaqin, PhD Student and Fulbright Presidential Fellow Anthropology, SUNY-Binghamton


March 3, 2016

Title: "Offshore Identities and Ruptures in the Handling Time"

Speaker: Allan Isaac, Associate Professor, American Studies, English, Rutgers University


March 10, 2016

Title: "Voices, Self, and Divine Guidance in Mabebasan Literary Performance"

Speaker: Nicole Reisnour, PhD Candidate, Music, Cornell University


March 17, 2016

Title: "The Booty/Beauty of Filipino/American Art"

Speaker: Maria Sarita See, Associate Professor, Media and Cultural Studies, UC Riverside


April 7, 2016

Title: "A Physics Lesson: Mirrors and Phantoms in Filipino Anti-Colonial Thought"

Speaker: Neferfti Tadiar, Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Columbia University


April 14, 2016

Title: "Aesthetic Entanglements: The Hybrid Heritage of Thai and Cambodian Dance"

Speaker: Alexandra Denes, Lecturer, Media Arts and Design, Chiang Mai University


April 21, 2016

Title: "Past Lives, Present Tense: Past-Life Memory in Contemporary Cambodia"

Speaker: Erik Davis, Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Macalester College


April 28, 2016

Title: "The Language of Informal Media: Form and Function in Indonesian and other Southeast Asian Languages"

Speaker: Thomas Conners, Associate Research Scientist, Less Commonly Taught Languages, University of Maryland  


May 5, 2016

Title: "Colonial Kings and the Decolonization of the French Empire: Bao Dai, Mohammed V, and Norodom Sihanouk"

Speaker: Christopher Goscha, Associate Professor, History, Universite du Quebec a Montreal