A glimpse of Mount Merbabu  |  Photographer: Jack Meng‐Tat Chia

Call for Participation - Burma/Myanmar Research Forum 2015 "Borders, Bounds and Brinks: Rethinking Boundaries In and About Burma/Myanmar" - Cornell University | October 2-4, 2015

Opening Conference Plenary 

Featured Speakers:
Penny Edwards, Associate Professor | University of California, Berkeley, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies

Tin Maung Maung Than,
Senior Research Fellow | Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (Singapore)

Alicia Turner,
Associate Professor | York University, Toronto, Department of Humanities and Religious Studies

Professional Development Workshops for Southeast Asian Language Teaching Staff - U. California-Berkeley (September 18-20, 2015) and U. Wisconsin-Madison (June 2016)

Southeast Asian language teachers are invited to apply to participate in two Professional Development Workshops at University of California Berkeley, September 18-20, 2015 and at University of Wisconsin-Madison, June 2016. The first workshop at U. California-Berkeley will address:

1. Classroom Management: time management, use of target language, interactions in studentcentered classrooms, work flow, use of projects, and grading issues
2. Content-based lesson design for LCTLs including rationale, text selection, lesson framework, lesson demonstration, and lesson design.

Spring 2015 E-Bulletin

The spring e-bulletin from SEAP is going to dazzle you. The unfolding foment and richness of the program is captured in stories such as ProfessorArnika Furhmann’s feature on the course/study trip “Flux Navigations: Envisioning the Southeast Asian City” and in articles on Indonesian and Cambodian art by Anissa Rahadiningtyas and Pamela Corey. New partnerships with community colleges and the Center for Khmer Studies are highlighted in articles about the new winter session CU in Cambodia program.