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SEAPis designated as a NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER (NRC) by the United States Department of Education 2010 – 2014. As such, the Program is nationally prominent in promoting advanced foreign language training, area and international knowledge in the liberal arts and applied discipline focused on Southeast Asia. SEAP successfully trains undergraduate and graduate students who distinguish themselves in universities, area study centers, businesses, banks, foundations, governments and multinational agencies both in the US and abroad. It offers outreach to regional K-12 and Post-secondary schools/teachers and is known for its academic publications focused on the region.

Professor Rodriguez’s research is broadly concerned with understanding how processes of globalization, particularly international migration, impact the societies that migrants leave and the societies to which they move.

The Cornell-Ithaca Ethical Travelers’ Association (CIETA) invites you to…

Travel and Community Integration in Southeast Asia

Friday, April 25th   
5:15 pm 
Sibley Hall Room 115, Cornell University Campus
FREE and open to all

Wanna WIN gifts instantly? Email by the end of the spring semester (May 16th), including your name and the correct answers. Only Cornell students are eligible. Please see the picture below for HINTs!


Q1. Name three Southeast Asian languages that Cornell offers (Cornell offers 6 Southeast Asian languages in total!).

Q2. Name two Southeast Asian Languages that are written using the Roman alphabet, just like English.

Q3 (Bonus, one more gift!). Which building will you go if you want to talk with the Southeast Asian Language instructors?



E-Bulletin Cover - Spring 2014Click here to download.

Table of Contents

  • 2 Letter from the editor
  • 3 Practices and Networks of Literacy: Alternative Libraries in Indonesia by Kathleen Azali

    10 Photo E