SEAP Sponsored Travel for Non-Cornell Affiliates

Note: The information provided here is is applicable for Cornell SOUTHEAST ASIA PROGRAM (SEAP) SPONSORED speakers and conference participants. BEFORE MAKING TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS to participate in a specific conference/event, please kindly contact the program to confirm the level and terms of SEAP support.

Travel Arrangements

SEAP does not make travel arrangements for invited speakers or conference participants. To accord our guests maximum level of control and flexibility over their itinerary, we limit our role to processing reimbursement requests (at the agreed upon level) at the end of the event. All guests should arrange their own travels:

  • Those traveling by air, train, or bus should purchase their own tickets to and from Ithaca, NY. Please retain receipts and invoices as back-ups for reimbursement.
  • Those traveling with their own vehicles will be reimbursed according to mileage between their home address and Cornell/the local hotel we have reserved for them, at the IRS issued rate (click for current rates). It is preferred that a Google/Map Quest print-out be submitted as back-up.
  • We do frequently pay for parking and/or other necessary ground transportation (ie. tolls, taxi, etc). You must keep ALL receipts/invoices for in-transit expenses.
  • The University Business Service Center requires ORIGINAL back-up documents for all reimbursement requests. 

Friendly Reminder: While the SEAP does reimburse program sponsored guests for transportation expenses (at the agreed upon level), we do kindly ask that they purchase the most economical tickets or fuel possible.


For the convenience of our guests, SEAP makes hotel reservations on their behalf, most frequently at the Best Western University Inn. Please refer to communication from the program regarding check-in and check-out dates. If you have any special concerns or requests such as smoking room, double occupancy, shortened/lengthened stay, or cancellation, please contact the Southeast Asia Program at 607-255-2378.


Within reason, we are able to provide or pay for any meals while in transit (sans alcohol). If you find yourself with an unplanned meal, please click here for an informative website on local dining options.


  • To receive reimbursement, please submit, WITHIN 30 DAYS of the trip, the SEAP Travel Reimbursement Request for Non-Cornell Affiliates and DETAILED, ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for ORDINARY, NECESSARY, AND REASONABLE EXPENSES incurred on the specified business trip.
  • For all business meals, please submit names of attendees and a specific business purpose.
  • All U.S. citizens and permanent residents must attach a W-9 Form to the reimbursement request. *Please make sure to provide your HOME ADDRESS on this form.
  • Foreign nationals receiving travel reimbursement and/or honorarium are required to fill out and attach a W-8 BEN Form.
  • Foreign nationals receiving honorarium, if on B visas and visa waivers, are also required to fill out and attach a Foreign Visitors Honoraria Attestation Form.
  • Foreign nationals who receive payments from Cornell University, other than travel reimbursement and honorarium, will be required to complete the online Foreign National Questionnaire through the Foreign National Information System (FNIS). The information provided through FNIS will be used to evaluate the foreign national's U.S. tax status, i.e., eligibility for exemption from income or FICA taxes, etc.
  • Foreign nationals on J-1 visa, unless affiliated with Cornell, must present an authorization letter from their host institutions.
  • Address: All reimbursement requests and backup documents should be sent to: Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 180 Uris Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-7601

Traveling to Ithaca, NY

**International flights are encouraged to be booked through to Ithaca or Syracuse by way of a reputable travel agent either in country or by visiting Expedia.

From New York, NY to Ithaca, NY

Transportation from the major metro airports in and around New York City (J. F. Kennedy, Laguardia and Newark) into New York City is expensive and difficult, therefore it is recommened and highly encouraged to book flights through to Ithaca or Syracuse. Should you find that you need to travel via bus from New York to Ithaca, there is the option of using Greyhound or the Campus-to-Campus bus service between the Cornell campuses in New York City and Ithaca.

From Syracuse, NY to Ithaca, NY

We encourage all participants to fly to Ithaca, but if for some reason flying to Syracuse is more economical, Ithaca Airline Limo provides door-to-door service between Syracuse Airport and Ithaca. Travel time between the two locations can take up to an hour and a half, depending upon traffic. Please contact Ithaca Airport Limo directly for information on fares, reservation and service hours. Their numbers are: (607) 273-3030 and 1-800-273-9197. As a reference, round trip fare was $110 ($80 one way) as of February 2012. They take reservations by phone up to 30 days in advance of the trip; 48 hour advance reservation notice was required to guarantee seat. Pick-up time at Syracuse Airport is between the hours of 5:00 am - 1:00 am. They also pick up from our guests' Ithaca locations any time between 3:30 am and 9:00 pm. Please contact Ithaca Airline Limo for the most up-to-date information.

From Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport to the Best Western University Inn

The Best Western University Inn provides an airport shuttle to and from the airport to the hotel between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 pm. To make pick up arrangements upon arrival, guests will need to call the Best Western University Inn upon landing at the Ithaca Airport (hotel number: 607-272-6100) and the shuttle will arrive momentarily. For guests arriving after 11:00 pm, we suggest that they call a taxi cab through Ithaca Dispatch (607-277-7777) for the five mile trip to the hotel. Subsequently, guests can make departure arrangements for the shuttle to take them back to Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport upon check-in at the hotel.