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Scholarly Publications

Book cover: Karen Revolution, from Cornell U. Press
Author: Saw Ralph and Naw Sheera; Stephanie Olinga-Shannon, ed; Martin Smith, intro. Publication Year: 2020 Publication Number: FORTHCOMING, February 2020

Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma is about commitment to an ideal, individual survival and the universality of the human experience. A memoir of two tenacious souls, it sheds light on why Burma/Myanmar's decades-long pursuit for a peaceful and democratic future has been elusive. Simpl...

Author: Tuong Vu and Sean Fear, eds. Publication Year: 2020 Publication Number: FORTHCOMING, January 2020

Through the voices of senior officials, teachers, soldiers, journalists, and artists, The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975 , presents us with an interpretation of "South Vietnam" as a passionately imagined nation in the minds of ordinary Vietnamese, rather than merely as an expeditious political ...

Book Cover: Activists in Transition, from Cornell U. Press
Author: Thushara Dibley and Michele Ford, eds. Publication Year: 2019 Publication Number: FORTHCOMING, December 2019

Activists in Transition examines the relationship between social movements and democratization in Indonesia. Collectively, progressive social movements have played a critical role over in ensuring that different groups of citizens can engage directly in—and benefit from—the political process...

Book Cover: REBEL POLITICS, from Cornell U. Press
Author: David Brenner Publication Year: 2019

Rebel Politics analyzes the changing dynamics of the civil war in Myanmar, one of the most entrenched armed conflicts in the world. Since 2011, a national peace process has gone hand-in-hand with escalating ethnic conflict. The Karen National Union (KNU), previously known for its uncompromising ...

Scandal & Democracy, Mary E. McCoy
Author: Mary E. McCoy Publication Year: 2019

Successful transitions to enduring democracy are both difficult and rare. In Scandal and Democracy, Mary E. McCoy explores how newly democratizing nations can avoid reverting to authoritarian solutions in response to the daunting problems brought about by sudden change. The troubled transitions t...

Book Cover: Hamka and Islam, from Cornell University Press
Author: Khairudin Aljunied Publication Year: 2018

Since the early twentieth century, Muslim reformers have been campaigning for a total transformation of the ways in which Islam is imagined in the Malay world. One of the most influential is the author Haji Abdul Malik bin Abdul Karim Amrullah, commonly known as Hamka.

In Hamka and Islam ...

Svay: A Khmer Village in Cambodia
Author: May Mayko Ebihara Publication Year: 2018

May Mayko Ebihara (1934–2005) was the first American anthropologist to conduct ethnographic research in Cambodia.   Svay  provides a remarkably detailed picture of   individual villagers and of Khmer social structure and kinship, agriculture, politics, and religion. The world Ebihara descri...

Traders In Motion
Author: Kirsten W. Endres and Ann Marie Leshkowich, eds. Publication Year: 2018

With essays covering diverse topics—from seafood trade across the Vietnam-China border to street traders in Hanoi to gold shops in Ho Chi Minh City— Traders in Motion spans the fields of economic and political anthropology, geography, and sociology to illuminate how Vietnam's rapidly expandin...

A Duterte Reader: Critical Essays on Rodrigo Duterte's Early Presidency
Author: Nicole Curato, ed. Publication Year: 2017

An essay collection by Philippine scholars about Philippine President Duterte. These essays place Duterte in a broad political context and discuss how the president rose to power, and who funded and profits from his presidency.


"With essays by leading experts in divers...

Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom
Author: Sher Banu A. L. Khan Publication Year: 2017
In  Sovereign Women in a Muslim Kingdom, Sher Banu A. L. Khan provides a fresh perspective on the women who ruled in succession in Aceh for the second half of the seventeenth century. Khan draws fresh evidence about the lives and reigns of the sultanahs from contemporary indigenous texts and the a...
Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia, by J. L. Gaynor
Author: Jennifer L. Gaynor Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: SOSEA 70

Intertidal History in Island Southeast Asia  shows the vital part maritime Southeast Asians played in struggles against domination of the seventeenth-century spice trade by local and European rivals. Looking beyond the narrative of competing mercantile empires, it draws on European and Southeas...

Palace Law of Ayutthaya and the Thammasat: Law and Kingship in Siam; Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications
Author: Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit, translators and editors Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: SOSEA 69

This book contains the first academic translations of key legal texts from the Ayutthaya era (1351–1767), along with an essay on the role of law in Thai history.

The legal history of Southeast Asia has languished because few texts are accessible in translation. The Three Seals Code is a...

Cambodia's Second Kingdom: Nation, Imagination, and Democracy; Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications
Author: Astrid Norén-Nilsson Publication Year: 2016 Publication Number: SOSEA 68

Cambodia's Second Kingdom is an exploration of the role of nationalist imaginings, discourses, and narratives in Cambodia since the 1993 reintroduction of a multiparty democratic system. Competing nationalistic imaginings are shown to be a more prominent part of party political contestation in t...

Land of Gold
Author: Judith M. Bovensiepen Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: SOSEA 67

In the village of Funar, located in the central highlands of Timor-Leste, the disturbing events of the twenty-four-year-long Indonesian occupation are rarely articulated in narratives of suffering. Instead, the highlanders emphasize the significance of their return to the sacred land of the ances...

A sarong for Clio
Author: Maurizio Peleggi Publication Year: 2015 Publication Number: SOSEA 66

This volume testifies to an ongoing intellectual dialogue between its ten contributors and Craig J. Reynolds, who inspired these essays. Conceived as a tribute to an innovative scholar, dedicated teacher, and generous colleague, it is this volume’s ambition to make a concerted intervention on T...

Voices from the Second Republic of South Vietnam (1967–1975)
Author: Keith W. Taylor, ed. Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: SOSEA 65

The Republic of (South) Vietnam is commonly viewed as a unified entity throughout the two decades (1955–75) during which the United States was its main ally. Domestic politics during that time, however, followed a dynamic trajectory from authoritarianism to chaos to a relatively stable, eight-y...

Slow Anthropology
Author: Hjorleifur Jonsson Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: SOSEA 64

Slow Anthropology  considers the history of the Iu Mien, an upland Laotian minority caught in the disruptions of the Vietnam-American war. This study challenges the prevailing academic theory that groups living in the hinterlands of Southeast Asia have traditionally fled to the hills, seeking i...

Beyond Oligarchy
Author: Michele Ford and Thomas Pepinsky, eds. Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: CMIP 77

Beyond Oligarchy  features a collection of essays by leading scholars of contemporary Indonesian politics and society, each addressing effects of material inequality on political power and contestation in democratic Indonesia. The contributors assess how critical concepts in the study of politi...

Exploration and Irony in Studies of Siam over Forty Years
Author: Benedict R. O’G. Anderson Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: SOSEA 63

Benedict R. O’G. Anderson is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work on the politics and cultures of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. His early studies of Indonesia led to the publication of  Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism , a ...

Producing Indonesia: The State of the Field of Indonesian Studies
Author: Eric Tagliacozzo, ed. Publication Year: 2014 Publication Number: CMIP 76

The twenty-six scholars contributing to this volume have helped shape the field of Indonesian studies over the last three decades. They represent a broad geographic background—Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Canada—and have studied in a wide array...