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Welcome to the Southeast Asia Program's Outreach Office


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Southeast Asia Outreach is part of Cornell University's Southeast Asia Program, a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center (NRC) dedicated to teaching the languages of Southeast Asia and furthering the understanding of the history, culture, and societies of the region.

We offer access to area-specific resources from each Southeast Asian country, and we invite you to borrow books and materials from our lending library and explorer boxes, and to make use of our curricula. 

If you are interested in internationalizing your curriculum and have thought about featuring Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, or the Philippines, give us a call! We offer professional develoment opportunities for pre-service teachers, K-12 teachers, and community collge faculty.

We also offer opportunities to partner to develop and pilot-test curriculum, with coaching for K-12 teachers to align and address Common Core standards. Our scholars cover many disciplines and are willing to share what they know.

We can help you tap into the ever-changing array of talent and Southeast Asia expertise at Cornell. We welcome feedback on any of our materials. Explore this website and learn more about Southeast Asia and the program's resources!




Southeast Asia Program Outreach Coordinator

Melina Draper            Office: (607) 255-6688
  117 Kahin Center          Cell: (907) 455-1286
640 Stewart Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

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We love shadow puppets from Indonesia!


If you would like activity suggestions or electronic copies of SEAP shadow puppets, please complete the order form below. These easy-to-use templates can be built into classroom lessons and activities or can be decorated at home on a rainy afternoon. Write your own stories, or re-enact scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Check out our storybooks and movies from our lending library, and immerse yourself in the Southeast Asian expressions of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. If you want to experience the traditional music that accompanies shadow puppet perfromances, arrange for a visit to Cornell to listen to Cornell's Gamelan Ensemble, which gives two performances yearly, or bring students to visit the gamelan room and experience a hands-on workshop.


 Indonesian Shadow Puppet


Shadow Puppet Request Form

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