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Welcome to  Southeast Asia Program Outreach


Southeast Asia Outreach is part of the Cornell University Southeast Asia Program, a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center (NRC) dedicated to furthering the understanding of the history, culture and societies of Southeast Asia. The outreach office serves students, teachers, businesses, professionals and community members. As an NRC, with funding through Title VI, our outreach programming is year-round and need-based and includes classroom visits, cultural events, exhibits in schools and libraries, activities for after school and enrichment programs, and more. We hold teacher training workshops and arrange speakers for community and business organizations. We can help you tap into the ever-changing array of talent and Southeast Asia expertise at Cornell. Explore this website and learn more about Southeast Asia and the program's resources!





Southeast Asia Program Outreach Coordinator

Melina Draper            Office: (607) 255-6688
  117 Kahin Center          Cell: (907) 455-1286
640 Stewart Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

Melina Draper photo 


We love shadow puppets from Indonesia!


If you would like activity suggestions or electronic copies of SEAP shadow puppets, please complete the order form below. We are happy to visit your classroom to do workshops or arrange for special guest speakers.


 Indonesian Shadow Puppet


Shadow Puppet Request Form

If you answered 'Other' for the question above, please provide details.