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Faculty Spotlight: Hannah Phan, Senior Lecturer - Khmer

"The rewarding part of my job is to see students who open their hearts and minds not only to the people, but to the ecology of the country, land, culture, and different aspects of Cambodian life."

Faculty Spotlight: Eric Tagliacozzo, Professor of History

Modern historians are just beginning to understand how people in Asian societies journeyed in all directions, sharing ideas, material, and technology. Tagliacozzo has studied how societies in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, communicated with each other and the larger world throughout history in a series of books. He has explored the ways in which Malaysian and Indonesian populations have resisted the imposition of modern borders by colonial powers and traced the impact of Islam’s hajj—the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mecca that is a goal of every Muslim—on vast numbers of Muslim Southeast Asians over centuries.


SEAP is offering one qualified, passionate undergraduate student a chance to win a full scholarship to intensively study a Southeast Asian language for eight full weeks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All undergraduate students interested in learning a new Southeast Asian language are encouraged to apply. The program is intended for beginners; no prior instruction in or knowledge of any Southeast Asian language is necessary. SEASSI is an eight-week intensive language training program for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals. Each language course is equivalent to two semesters of study, with full academic year credit. Application deadline is: March 15, 2017.

Walking Together: A Teaching Metaphor from Myanmar by Bryan Duff, senior lecturer in education

Before leaving for Myanmar, I thought that I would be able to write each night to process my new experiences and consolidate my memories. But I was too exhausted after dinner to do anything but sleep. Now back in the United States, I am still sifting through these experiences, attempting to analyze and synthesize the rich cultural landscape I was exposed to. But in all my reflections, I keep returning to a metaphor that I heard for the first time in Myanmar: good teaching is “walking together.”

University of Pennsylvania and National Library of Laos launch the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts

The University of Pennsylvania and National Library of Laos have launched the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts at as a resource for the study of traditional literature from this region. At present, the digital library contains images of over 4,200 manuscripts which can be searched and viewed online or freely downloaded, and to which more manuscripts will be added.

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Allan Isaac - "Offshore Identities & Ruptures in the Handling Time"

On Thursday, March 3, Dr. Allan Isaac gave an exciting talk on the phenomenon of call centers in the Philippines in "Offshore Identities and Ruptures in the Handling Time." Through an examination of the "offshore worker-subject," Isaac described the cultural and theoretical implications of the Filipino call center worker who lives in the Philippines but works on global time.

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Farid Muttaqin - "The Politics of Gender & Sexuality of Fundamentalist Muslims & the Politics of Knowledge Production of Feminist Groups in Contemporary Indonesia"

To wear or not to wear a jilbab has increasingly become a political question in contemporary Indonesia. In his Gatty lecture on February 25, Farid Muttaqin, a Fulbright Presidential Fellow and a doctoral student in anthropology at SUNY-Binghamton, linked the “institutionalization” of jilbab in the police force and other public services with the politics of gender and sexuality of fundamentalist groups.

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Richard Ruth - "'Sadej Tia' & the Chakri Shadow Line: A Popular Challenge to a Hyper-Royalist Historical Narrative?"

Sadej Tia or Mo Phon? These are two names by which Prince Aphakon Kiattiwong was known and remembered in Thailand today. In his Gatty Lecture on February 18, Professor Richard Ruth examined the life and legacy of Prince Aphakon, the 28th child of King Chulalongkorn. [To read more, click on the above link.]

SEAP FAR member Meredith Weiss has just been published in the Critical Asian Studies journal

SEAP Faculty Associate in Research (FAR) member Meredith Weiss, an associate professor at SUNY-Albany, has recently published the article, "Payoffs, Parties, or Policies: “Money Politics” and Electoral Authoritarian Resilience," in the Critical Asian Studies journal.

Former SEAP Visiting Fellow, Herman Hidayat, has just published a book on forest resources management in Indonesia

Congratulations to former SEAP Visiting Fellow, Herman Hidayat, who along with his colleagues at The Indonesian Institute of Sciences just published "Forest Resource Management in Indonesia" on topics that include forest fires, deforestation, water pollution, depletion of biodiversity, climate change and environmental damages.