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Volunteers for after-school language program

after-school language program

The goal of Afterschool Language Program is to expose K-12 students to a wide array of cultures and languages in an effort to foster cross-cultural understanding and inspire them to study foreign languages. We are currently looking for Cornell students, staff, or faculty volunteers to teach Southeast Asian and South Asian languages in local afterschool programs. Classes are generally held in the late afternoon one day a week for six weeks. Students learn vocabulary along with cultural traditions through engaging activities such as games, crafts, cooking, and dancing. SEAP has both Southeast Asian and South Asian resources in our lending library for help preparing lessons. The preparation time for volunteer teachers should be no more than one hour a week—we are here to help you! The Cornell Public Service Center will offer brief training sessions and sample curriculums for volunteers, and SEAP can provide culture kits (arts and crafts activities, textiles, books and printed materials, musical items, etc.) to assist your teaching.

Currently, there are ten volunteer students signed up, and one of our volunteers started teaching Hindi at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School recently. We are looking forward to having more volunteers teaching languages in after school programs starting from spring semester.  

If you would like to sign up to volunteer for this program or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact SEAP Outreach Assistant Akida Aierken at