Musim Tanam (Planting Season)  |  Photographer: Matthew Minarchek

U.S.-Myanmar Engagement Conference

The U.S.-Myanmar Engagement Conference is slated to be an unprecedented event in the heart of Indianapolis on Friday, May 29, 2015, from 9am - 5pm at IUPUI Campus Center, 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN. The Conference will bring together government officials, business leaders, civil society organizations, and academics from both the U.S. and Myanmar, the conference will provide a holistic overview of Myanmar's economic and political outlook and the growing diplomatic and business relationships between the two countries.

Cornell University Summer Session - Art in the Modern World June 22-July, 31, 2015

In Art in the Modern World, you'll experience non-Western arts with Professors Isbell and March (anthropology), learn to play gamelan and experiment with sound with Professor Miller (music), and create computer art with Professor Ferro (art).

Professor Isbell will lead you in an exploration of drama, fiction, and poetry, and Professor March will introduce you to Buddhist monks who can explain the conceptual framework of a mandala before you create one yourself on the computer.

The Spring 2015 E-Bulletin has arrived!

The spring e-bulletin from SEAP is going to dazzle you. The unfolding foment and richness of the program is captured in stories such as ProfessorArnika Furhmann’s feature on the course/study trip “Flux Navigations: Envisioning the Southeast Asian City” and in articles on Indonesian and Cambodian art by Anissa Rahadiningtyas and Pamela Corey. New partnerships with community colleges and the Center for Khmer Studies are highlighted in articles about the new winter session CU in Cambodia program.