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SEAP Grad students at conference 2017

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As an interdisciplinary program, SEAP operates at the nexus of diverse fields such as Anthropology, Development SociologyEconomics, Government, History, Linguistics, ManagementMusicNatural Resources, and Regional Planning

We coordinate resources and facilities for scholars specializing in the culture, economy, history, politics, development, and society of contemporary, colonial, and traditional Southeast Asia. 

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SEAP Funding

Einaudi Center for International Studies and Cornell University Funding Opportunities

Other Funding Opportunities


Area Courses: FLAS recipients are required to enroll in a Southeast Asian language course and a Southeast Asian studies and/or International studies course with at least 25% Southeast Asia content (with an assigned course number, for a letter grade) for both semesters of the academic year. 

Language Courses: SEAP students can enroll in the following language courses: Burmese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Summer Intensive Programs: SEASSI, COTI, US-INDO Summer Language Study

Office Space

Students researching Southeast Asia at the graduate level are eligible to apply for office space at the George McT. Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia. Please email the Kahin Center Building Manager for more info.

Echols Library Collection

The John M. Echols Collection in Kroch Library is widely regarded as having one of the largest and most significant collections of Asian historical and literary materials in North America. Kroch Library staff are dedicated to making all the collection available to the Cornell community. Click here to contact the Echols Collection staff.   

Prospective Graduate Information

Graduate Students

Graduate students may pursue Southeast Asian area and language study while fulfilling degree requirements either in one of the fields of the Graduate School or in one of the professional schools. 

Master's Students

The Department of Asian Studies facilitates the Master's Degree Program in Southeast Asian Studies. For this Degree, students undertake a substantial body of training in both language and interdisciplinary courses concerning Southeast Asia. The course of study is devised by a special committee of three faculty members who supervise the student's progress toward the preparation and defense of a Master's Thesis. Forms for committee selection and approval of the course of study are available for downloading at the Cornell Graduate School website.