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  • Laos: A Country Study, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, ed. Andrea Matles Savada, (Area Handbook Series), 1995. This is the best and most recent book of general information on Laos. 
  • Kingdom of Laos: The Land of the Million Elephants and of the White Parasol, ed. Rene de Berval (Saigon: France-Asie, 1959). An older book translated from the French interesting for articles on arts, ethnography, and folklore. 
  • Laos, Karen Jacobsen (Chicago: Children's Press [A New True Book],1991. Very easy reading children's book. Nice illustrations. 
  • Laos, Ralph Zickgraf (New York: Chelsea House [Places and Peoples of the World], 1990. Much more detailed children's book. Higher reading level. Well illustrated.