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Job Opportunities

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A. Fuhrmann book

SEAP faculty, Arnika Fuhrmann, publishes new book

Congratulations to SEAP faculty, Arnika Fuhrmann, Department of Asian Studies, on her recently published book entitled "Ghostly Desires: Queer Sexuality and Vernacular Buddhism in Contemporary Thai...


SEAP faculty, Eric Tagliacozzo, recipient of Distinguished Teaching Award

SEAP faculty Eric Tagliacozzo, Department of History, has been selected as the recipient of the Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award for 2016. This is a great honor, given by the...

Sean Fear

SEAP graduate student, Sean Fear, Department of History publishes article in Journal of Vietnamese Studies

Congratulations to SEAP graduate student, Sean Fear, Department of History on publishing an article in the Journal of Vietnamese Studies, vol. 11 entitled: "The Ambiguous Legacy of Ngô Đình Diệm in...

Vietnam Boats
Researching the VN war - rebecca townsend history 1137

HIST 1137: The Vietnam Wars in Film

As part of her Vietnam Wars in Film First-Year Writing Seminar, Rebecca Townsend-Hill's students have been blogging about their research projects, including the sources they've dug up with the help...

SEAp Design for tshirt

SEAP T-shirts now on sale!

Congratulations to Chun Jiang, a junior in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning, whose design was chosen for the SEAP t-shirt. Thank you to all who participated in the t-shirt contest. The...


Memorials of Benedict Anderson (1936-2015)

The Southeast Asia Program has dedicated a memorial page in honor of recently deceased SEAP professor Benedict Anderson. The page compiles an evolving list of tributes from Ben's former students,...

Laos Stupa

University of Pennsylvania and National Library of Laos launch the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts

The University of Pennsylvania and National Library of Laos have launched the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts at as a resource for the study of traditional...

Allan Isaac Lecture

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Allan Isaac - "Offshore Identities & Ruptures in the Handling Time"

On Thursday, March 3, Dr. Allan Isaac gave an exciting talk on the phenomenon of call centers in the Philippines in "Offshore Identities and Ruptures in the Handling Time." Through an examination of...

Farid Muttaqin

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Farid Muttaqin - "The Politics of Gender & Sexuality of Fundamentalist Muslims & the Politics of Knowledge Production of Feminist Groups in Contemporary Indonesia"

To wear or not to wear a jilbab has increasingly become a political question in contemporary Indonesia. In his Gatty lecture on February 25, Farid Muttaqin, a Fulbright Presidential Fellow and a...

Richard Ruth Lecture

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Richard Ruth - "'Sadej Tia' & the Chakri Shadow Line: A Popular Challenge to a Hyper-Royalist Historical Narrative?"

Sadej Tia or Mo Phon? These are two names by which Prince Aphakon Kiattiwong was known and remembered in Thailand today. In his Gatty Lecture on February 18, Professor Richard Ruth examined the life...

Critical Asian Studies

SEAP FAR member Meredith Weiss has just been published in the Critical Asian Studies journal

SEAP Faculty Associate in Research (FAR) member Meredith Weiss, an associate professor at SUNY-Albany, has recently published the article, "Payoffs, Parties, or Policies: “Money Politics” and...

Forest Resources Management in Indonesia

Former SEAP Visiting Fellow, Herman Hidayat, has just published a book on forest resources management in Indonesia

Congratulations to former SEAP Visiting Fellow, Herman Hidayat, who along with his colleagues at The Indonesian Institute of Sciences just published "Forest Resource Management in Indonesia" on...

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia

SEAP Alumnus Erick David White and grad student Jack Chia have just been published in the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia

SEAP alumnus Erick David White and grad student Jack Chia's articles, "Staging Hinduism in the Bangkok metropolis: Ritual spectacle and religious pluralism in an urban Thai Buddhist milieu" and "The...

CVA at Waldorf

Cornell Vietnamese Association students celebrate Lunar New Year at Waldorf School

University students from the Cornell Vietnamese Association visited the Ithaca Waldorf School on Friday, February 19th, to help celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is the second year the group has...

Pyathat in Burma

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Chotima Chaturawong - "Buddha Shrines: A Cross-Cultural Study of Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka"

Dr. Chotima Chaturawong's (faculty of architecture at Silpakom University, and visiting fellow at Cornell Southeast Asia Program) talk explored the term mandapa and compares the architecture of...

Austin at Angkor Wat

Austin McLaughlin '18 Reflects on his time in Cambodia

The students from the 2016 Cornell in Cambodia program returned from overseas only a few weeks ago, but you can read about Austin McLaughlin’s experience here! A second-year undergraduate in the...

Eve Zucker discusses how sources of healing from historical violence and trauma can be found within Khmer culture itself.

Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Eve Zucker - "Forest Hermits, Harvest Festivals & A Leap of Faith: Imagination & Recovery in the Aftermath of the Khmer Rouge"

Dr. Eve Zucker, a Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University at Newark, gave a powerful Gatty Lecture about how Khmer people have dealt with the...