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22nd Cornell SEAP Graduate Student Conference to be held March 13-15, 2020

Call for Papers

Cornell University recently launched a Global Grand Challenge across departments and programs on the theme of Migrations: Researching, Teaching and Building for a World on the Move. For the 22nd annual Southeast Asia Program Graduate Student Conference, we invite submissions that speak broadly and creatively to this theme, and to the engendering of migrations across time and space. The Graduate Student Conference will highlight dynamic research on Southeast Asia carried out by graduate students across disciplines and the globe, united by this common theme.

In its narrowest sense, “migrations” refers to the movement of people and animals between places, we encourage submissions that also explore the movement of ideas, practices, material objects, or even disciplinary boundaries, within, beyond, or relating to Southeast Asia.

We particularly encourage reflection on how these migrations are “engendered,” in the dual sense employed in Ashley Thompson’s Engendering the Buddhist State (2016). Thompson considers both the general use of “engendering” - to originate, cause or give rise - and how “gender” itself may play a role in that origination. For Thompson, historical events are fundamentally intertwined with their aesthetic representations, social constructions, and gendered dynamics. In the 22nd Annual Graduate Student Conference, we hope participants will similarly consider how gender, or other previously-obscured categories, may be intertwined with and engender the Southeast Asian migrations we study.

The Graduate Student Conference will be held March 13-15, 2020 at the George McT. Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia, located on Cornell University’s campus in Ithaca, New York.

Friday 13 March

Registration (4:00pm)

Welcome Event (4:30pm)

  • Opening Remarks from Tom Pepinsky, Professor of Government and Interim Director of SEAP
  • Keynote Lecture from Lindy Williams, Professor of Development Sociology

Reception (6:00pm)

Saturday and Sunday schedules TBA