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19th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Hoang Duong Cam - Grad conference 2017

Cornell University Southeast Asia Program’s19th Annual Graduate Student Conference

“Crossings in Southeast Asia”

March 10-12, 2017

Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia

Cornell University

640 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, New York, 14850 USA

Crossings evoke the process of traversing and negotiating terrains, waters, temporalities, identities and paradigms. How do crossings challenge the boundaries of these concepts in the studies of Southeast Asia? In thinking about intersections of old and new ideas, what crossings have scholars attempted and what obstacles have they faced?

17 graduate students from America, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Amsterdam, Indonesia, and Germany will engage these questions, presenting their work as part of a panel. Paper abstracts will be included in the conference program.

Professor Anne Blackburn from the Department of Asian Studies at Cornell will be joining us as our keynote speaker. Professor Blackburn's keynote lecture is titled: "Crossings & Formations: Making an Indian Ocean Buddhist World, 1100-1500."

The entire conference program can be found here.


Contact information:

SEAP Graduate Student Committee: Van Mai Tran, Rizal Sutikno 

Conference Organizing Committee: Alex Thai Vo, Alexandra Dalferro, Anissa Rahadi, Carissa Kang, Rizal Sutikno, Hoang Vu, Mary Kate Long, Marilyn Brody, Van Mai Tran.


Image courtesy of Hoang Duong Cam and Galerie Quynh Contemporary Art

Lightning in U Minh Forest VII, 2011, acrylic on canvas

189.5 x 240 cm