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SEAP Graduate Funding

Graduate Funding

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) – Fellowships (USDE) Funding through Title VI: For Academic Year & Summer

FLAS fellowships assist students in pursuing advanced training to acquire a high level of competence in one or more languages that are critical to national needs of the United States and to gain a fuller understanding of the areas, regions, or countries in which those languages are commonly used. 

The United States today faces unprecedented demand for globally competent citizens and professionals. Congress recognized this in the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act that included funding for Title VI Programs. 

SEAP Conference Grants

SEAP provides up to $500 grants to fund travel to present at conferences.  Award may only be granted once per academic year (July 1 - June 30) and only after graduate student applies for funding from their department and/or Graduate School.

Application Process: E-mail to the SEAP Director at and Assistant Director, Thamora Fishel ( Provide as attachments or in the body of the correspondence: a simple budget, the paper abstract, an invitation letter to the conference, and finally indicate if you have direct deposit.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2019; December 31, 2019; March 31, 2020; June 30, 2020

Processed by: October 15, 2019; February 15, 2020; April 15, 2020; July 15, 2020


SEAP Summer Dissertation Write-Up Grants

SEAP provides a limited number of $2,500 summer grants to qualified PhD graduate students in SEAP who are in the final write-up stages of their dissertation. Award is only granted once. Criteria for selection includes a substantive focus on Southeast Asia, having a core SEAP faculty member on one’s committee, and demonstrated commitment to the SEAP community.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2020

Application Process: A written e-mail request must be submitted to SEAP Director at with cc to Associate Director, Thamora Fishel ( A separate letter of recommendation from the student’s graduate committee chair should be likewise submitted concurrently stipulating the student’s progress toward completion of studies and successful write-up over the summer.  

Milton L. Barnett Scholarship for Malaysian Studies

Designed to promote Malaysian studies at Cornell, the Barnett scholarship is available, as an award up to $3,000 to cover research projects, conference attendance, travel related to recipients’ academic program, or summer language acquisition in Malaysia. All students focusing their academic studies on Malaysia may apply. 

Apply at:

Application Deadline: February 12, 2020