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Welcome to the Southeast Asia Program's Outreach Office!
Karen language lessons in Lansing

Southeast Asia Outreach is part of Cornell University's Southeast Asia Program as a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center (NRC) dedicated to teaching the languages of Southeast Asia and furthering the understanding of the history, culture, and societies of the region.

We offer access to area-specific resources from each Southeast Asian country, and we invite you to borrow books and materials from our lending library and culture kits, and to make use of our curricula!

If you are interested in internationalizing your curriculum and have thought about featuring Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, or the Philippines, give us a call! We offer professional development opportunities for community college faculty, education faculty, K-12 teachers, and pre-service teachers.

We also offer opportunities to partner to develop and pilot-test curricula, with coaching for K-12 teachers to align and address Common Core standards. Our scholars cover many disciplines and are eager to share what they know!

We can help you tap into the ever-changing array of talent and Southeast Asia expertise at Cornell. We welcome feedback on any of our materials. Explore this website and learn more about Southeast Asia and the program's resources!

Explore Our Newly Digitized Lending Library!
Thailand culture kit

The lending library is an online educational outreach resource housed in, which provides images, descriptive text, and searchable keywords to aid the teacher-user in finding the materials they need. The library encompasses all of the regional programs within the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, including the Southeast Asia Program. This online resource contains books, movies, music, and culture kits—all of which are intended to promote the internationalization of course curriculums. The lending library consists of over one thousand educational books, and over fifty uniquely designed culture kits. These resources were developed to engage both educators and students in creating a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and languages. The resources within the lending library were prepared by experts at Cornell University and are geared for use by K-12 and community college educators. 

To search and checkout materials from our lending library visit:

To view the mission, goals, description, and policies related to the lending library view this presentation:

Open Source Library, Cornell’s eCommons
2017 Spring Bulletin Cover

SEAP’s open source library is housed in Cornell’s digital repository, eCommons, providing free access to publications and downloadable documents useful for educators, researchers, students, or those simply interested in learning about Southeast Asia. Currently, SEAP’s eCommons offers high resolution versions of the SEAP Bulletin and publications.

Shortly, it will also include other outreach resources such as Karen children’s books. These resources can be used in combination with our lending library materials to aid in the internationalization of K-12 and community college curricula.

Check out our eCommons library at:

The Cornell Mario Einaudi Center’s Afterschool Language and Culture Program partners with the Public Service Center to offer cultural enrichment in rural schools
Hindi Class

With an increasingly globalized world and a high chance to encounter people from different cultures throughout one’s life whether in an educational program, work setting, or in daily activities, exposure to and familiarity with foreign languages and cultures, especially at a young age, is increasingly important.

The goal of the Afterschool Language and Culture Program offered by the area studies programs within the Cornell Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies is to provide K-12 students from the local area with the opportunity to learn a foreign language and culture from a native or foreign language speaker. K–12 students from the upstate New York region interact with and learn from students, faculty, staff, and other volunteers from the Cornell community who are inspired to teach a language to children and share their culture in a fun and engaging way.

Managed by the South and Southeast Asia Outreach Programs at Cornell (SAP and SEAP) with funding from the U.S. Department of Education Title VI Program, the Afterschool Language and Culture Program has been running in local elementary schools for over 8 years and has already reached thousands of children. A new partnership with the Public Service Center, which is part of a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, will enable SEAP and SAP to broaden the reach of the Afterschool Language and Culture Program into more rural and underserved schools. Through this program, students get exposure to other cultures and languages, which expands their perspective and understanding of difference.

If you are interested in getting involved as a foreign language teacher volunteer or school partner, please contact the Program Manager: Arbias Llolluni: