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Scholarly Publications

Author: John U. Wolff Publication Year: 1986 Publication Number: LANG-INDO-03

Includes an Indonesian-English Glossary (nearly 2000 words). 2nd revised edition 1986. 446 pages

In the Mirror: Literature and Politics in Siam in the American Era
Author: Benedict R. O'G. Anderson, ed. Publication Year: 1985 Publication Number: MIRROR

A representative sampling of the short fiction produced by a single generation of Thai writers during the American era in Thailand, those two decades spanning from the mid-1950s into the mid-1970s, when US involvement in the economy and politics of the nation ignited rapid social change and awake...

Mai V. Elliott, trans.
Author: Mai V. Elliott, trans. Publication Year: 1976 Publication Number: DATA 102

The eminently fascinating woman whose strength, courage, and intelligence made an impact on Vietnamese history has written a memoir that deserves to be read. Born into a peasant family in South Vietnam, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dinh initially joined the Vietminh resistance against French occupation. In 19...