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Young Heroes: The Indonesian Family in Politics

Young Heroes: The Indonesian Family in Politics
Saya S. Shiraishi
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An exploration of the family as a cultural, historical, and political construction in New Order Indonesia. The author analyzes how children's everyday lives and schools are fundamentally shaped by national politics. The inextricable intertwining of family life and politics was a subtle but integral part of President's Soeharto's New Order ideology. Such cultural/historical constructs (based upon theories in education and the Armed Forces) present Indonesia as a family within a nation-state and allow the regime to rule (through bureaucracy and official language) over a society networked by intricate social connections built upon the ideas of kinship. With its extensive fieldwork and research into education, family life, politics, and the media, Shiraishi's work presents an in-depth view of the intricacies of Indonesian society and politics. 1997. 183 pages.

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