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SEAP Bulletin Fall 2019

Fall Bulletin Cover
Southeast Asia Program
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4 From Dissertation to Book:

Islamist Mobilization in Indonesia, by Alexandre Pelletier

9 18 Days in Myanmar, by Nisa Burns

14 Performing Angkor: Dance, Silk, and Stone, Cornell in Cambodia, by Kaja McGowan and Hannah Phan

18 Unraveling the “Field” in Fieldwork, by Alexandra Dalferro

22 Pluralism On Trial? Conference Focuses on Religion in Contemporary Indonesia, by Connor Rechtzigel

24 Language Exchange and Community Engaged Research at the Border of Thailand and Myanmar, by Mary Moroney


29 SEAP Publications

30 The Echols Collection—How Does the Echols Collection Acquire Material?, by Jeffrey Petersen and Gregory Green

32 Cloud Watchers: Cornell Linguists Collecting Data on Lao, by Nielson Hul

34 Sharing Southeast Asian Language and Culture with Children in Local Schools, by Brenna Fitzgerald

36 New Developments in SEAP’s Post-Secondary Outreach, by Kathi Colen Peck


37 Upcoming Events

38 Announcements: On Campus and Beyond

41 Visiting Fellows

42 Degrees Conferred

43 SEAP Faculty 2019-2020