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The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma (CBP)

Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma (CBP)
Bertil Lintner
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A well-documented and extremely engaging account of the Burmese Communist Party that details the development of the Party and the events and forces that led to the 1989 Mutiny and fall of the CPB. The Party originated in 1939 as a small group comprised of radical intellectuals and only ten years later became an efficient organization involved in the nationalist movement. Yet four decades later the Party (torn by internal strife) was defeated by the ruling government forces. This study delves into the ethnic tensions that dominated the thought of the rank-and-file members, the support and influence of the Chinese Communist Party, the Party's involvement in the drug trade, and the complex, antagonistic relationship between the CPB and the military regime of Burma. 1990. 124 pages. 26 illustrations. 14 maps.

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