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The Political Legacy of Aung San

Josef Silverstein, ed.
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This work is a compilation of the selected speeches, letters, statements, and positions of the much-revered father of Burmese independence, Aung San. A brief but informative and well-written introduction by the editor offers an overview of this remarkable man's life, thought, and achievements. The documents selected for this book allow the reader greater insight into the politics of Aung San (eminently pragmatic and directed towards the twin goals of national unity and social harmony), through his own words. This insight, in turn, allows the reader to better understand the historical and political legacy (his internationalism, his belief that questions of politics and economics were inseparable) which Aung San's predecessors and his remarkable daughter, Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, grew from and developed beyond. 1972. Revised edition 1993. 169 pages.

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