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2018 Spring SEAP Bulletin

SEAP spring 2018 Bulletin cover
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4 Far Away but Never Isolated, by Niti Pawakapan

7 Encountering Ghosts at the Haunted

Conference, by Elizabeth Wijaya

10 Steps Toward Gender Equality in the

Indonesian Workforce, by Audrey


12 The Spectrum of Comparisons,

by Andrew Willford

19 Cornell’s Critical Role in Instruction of

Southeast Asian Languages, by Abby Cohn



22 SEAP Languages: What’s It Like to Study a Southeast

Asian Language at Cornell?

26 The Echols Collection: Enchanted Asia

28 SEAP Outreach: Learning Language

through Culture

30 SEAP Publications



31 Announcements: On Campus and Beyond

32 Kahin Center: Celebrate 25 Years

33 Book Review: Have Fun in Burma

by Rosalie Metro

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