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Flee from the elephant and meet the tiger; Flee the tiger and meet a crocodile.

(Out of the frying pan into the fire.) 

If you love your cow, tie it up; If you love your child, beat him.

(Spare the rod and spoil the child.)

When you enter the city of people with one eye closed,You must also close one eye.

(When in Rome, do as the Romans do.)

The cat is absent and the mice dance.

(When the cat is away, the mice will play.)

To judge an elephant, look at its tail; To judge a girl, look at her mother.

When you are alone, be careful of your thoughts; When you are with friends, be careful of your speech.

A tray full of money is not worth a mind full of knowledge.

Ten mouths speaking are not as good as seeing with one's own eyes;Ten eyes that see are not as good as what one has in one's hand.

Some are brave in the village but cowards in the forest.

When the buffaloes fight, it is the grass that suffers.

The fish dies because of its mouth.

When the water level falls, the ants eat the fish;

When the water level rises, the fish eat the ants.

To find your cow, don't dream about rope.