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Internships and Careers

Think Ahead!

The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) has established internships with a variety of partner organizations and institutions in Southeast Asia. These internships offer both practical field experience within specific fields and a broadening of global knowledge and engagement.

The Pre-Collegiate Program (PCP) or Yangon

The PCP is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on providing students in Myanmar the environment and tools to develop into successful university students and effective leaders in their local communities. The program is rigorous and takes place of 16 months, during which students engage in liberal arts curriculum, extracurricular engagement, and cross-cultural exchange before applying to study at liberal arts colleges abroad.

Yangon University of Education (YUOE)

The Education program at YUOE, whose mission is to "Bring up innovative, dynamic and excellent academicians who can render service to society with utmost loyalty and sincerity (IDEALS- Innovative, Dynamic, Excellent, Academic, Loyal and Sincere)."

Network for Environmental and Economic Development (NEED) Farm School

Established in 2006, NEED educates, trains, and empowers the next generation of Burmese civil society leaders in sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, and community-based economic development in order to protect the livelihood, interests, and human rights of all Burmese people. NEED-Burma provides an experiential and multi-ethnic learning environment for motivated Burmese youth to learn alternative and traditional agriculture techniques. 

Solo Kota Kita

Kota Kita is a non-profit organization based in the Indonesian city of Solo with expertise in urban planning and citizen participation in the design and development of cities. Kota Kita provides education, facilitates citizen participation and collective action, and works with governments to build bridges between officials and their constituencies.


This organization seeks to "promote sustainable labor compliance practices at workplace levels and align them with strategic policy development in Vietnam." Interns can work for this organization as part of the Cornell ILR Credit Internship program.

Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace

The intern will assist in organizing conferences or seminars, help take notes, and prepare report summaries during public lectures and conferences. The student will conduct independent research, which they will report on at the end of their internship.