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Proto-Austronesian Phonology with Glossary II

John U. Wolff
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This phonology (1,100 pages in two volumes) studies the history of words in the Austronesian languages and how they developed into the forms that are attested in the current Austronesian languages. A study of this history entails the reconstruction of the sound system (phonology) of Proto-Austronesian and an exposition of the sound “rules” whereby the original sounds changed into those considered current. The primary aim of this work is to examine exhaustively the forms that can be reconstructed for Proto-Austronesian and also for the earliest stage after the Austronesian languages began to spread southward from Taiwan. The purpose of this study is not just to reconstruct protomorphemes and order the reflexes according to the entries under which they fit, but rather to account for the history of each form. (Note: The Proto–Austronesian Phonology with Glossary is sold as a two-volume set.)

What the reviewers are saying:

"The world has been waiting a long time for an overall reconstruction of the phonology and lexicon of Proto-Austronesian (PAn) like this." —Waruno Mahdi, Archipel

"The work can be characterized as an alternative view to earlier scholarship on Austronesian historical linguistics." — Tom Hoogervorst, Bijdragen

John U. Wolff is Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and Asian Studies, at Cornell University.

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