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Neal Keating

Associate Professor, SUNY - Brockport
Neal Keating

Areas of Specialization: Political ecology and historical ethnography, Indigeneity, globalization, human rights, expressive culture; Southeast Asia, Northeastern North America, and Central America.


Current Research Projects:

Belated States & Plurinations: An Ethnographic Study of Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights Making in Cambodia.” Aims: to develop a replicable ethnographic and historiographic research design for studying basic human rights making within Indigenous contexts of self-determination and land rights, as articulated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Goals: to initially carry out pilot studies of Indigenous rights making in Cambodia and then beyond, using collaborative multi-sited ethnography to explicate the human rights gap between transnational rights discourses and local realities within Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Peoples and Self-Determination: Deskaheh and the League of Nations in the 1920s” - an archival and ethnographically-based study of Deskaheh’s attempt to attain international recognition and acceptance of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Grand River Territory as an independent nation-state and member of the League of Nations.

Mush Hole Remembered: R. G. Miller” - ethnography and exhibit curation of the Indian residential school experience in Canada and its impact on Indigenous peoples in Canada, centering on the history, memory, and visual expression of an Indigenous Mohawk artist who spent 11 years as a student-inmate in the Mohawk Institute Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario.

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