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Gatty Lecture Series Highlights: Farid Muttaqin - "The Politics of Gender & Sexuality of Fundamentalist Muslims & the Politics of Knowledge Production of Feminist Groups in Contemporary Indonesia"

Farid Muttaqin

To wear or not to wear a jilbab has increasingly become a political question in contemporary Indonesia. In his Gatty lecture on February 25, Farid Muttaqin, a Fulbright Presidential Fellow and a doctoral student in anthropology at SUNY-Binghamton, linked the “institutionalization” of jilbab in the police force and other public services with the politics of gender and sexuality of fundamentalist groups. Following the success of the Pornographic Bill and the enforcement of Sharia Law, the domain of gender and sexuality has become highly politicized by the fundamentalist groups to counter ideas of liberalism and feminism. Within this context, Muttaqin underscored the urgency of feminist knowledge production in Indonesian academia to catch up with fundamentalist gender and sexual politics.