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Culture Kits

culture kits

Make your teaching about Southeast Asia tangible and real to your students. Check out a trunk full of fascinating objects, maps, outfits, cooking implements, picture books, music, posters, puppets and other cultural artifacts from a specific Southeast Asian country. You can set up your own classroom or school display or use the objects as hands-on props when teaching. We will work with you to select items, including books and videos/DVDs, most appropriate for your lesson plans or class project. Unfortunately, we are only able to ship books and DVDs but not culture kits, at this time. 

The Southeast Asia Program currently offers Culture Kits from the following countries:

Click to learn more about the themes and items contained within the Culture Kits, as well as some curriculum ideas. Or peruse all of them on our lending library website:

To arrange a loan:

  1. Click on the links for the country and/or topics you are interested in. Download the inventories to see the contents and make selections

  2. Email to be added as patron for our library

  3. Go to to check out culture kits from the lending library

  4. Coordinate a time with during our pick-up windows to pick up your kit.Kahin Center: Tuesday and Thursday 3-5 PM

Questions or feedback? Contact us at:

The Cornell Southeast Asia Program Outreach Office 

Tel: (607) 255-6688