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Cornell University Partners

Cornell Tower in the Spring - photo by Betty Nguyen

SEAP partners with various campus organizations and departments that provide students and scholars with one of the most impressive collection of resources in Southeast Asian Studies.


Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

With its spectacular architectural space designed by the famous modernist architect, I.M. Pei, the museum frequently holds art events, exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs related to Southeast Asian culture. Its collections are especially strong in Asian art and it is one of the finest museums in New York related state.


Echols Collection at Kroch Library

The Echols Collection has been the joint undertaking of Cornell University, the Cornell University Library, and the Southeast Asia Program. It is the largest collection on Southeast Asia in the United States.


Department of Asian Studies

Asian Studies at Cornell comprises a university-wide faculty who, together, present a highly interdisciplinary approach to the complex civilizations of Asia.


Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

The center is an umbrella organization and provided financial and logistical support for more than twenty Programs in area, thematic, and development studies at Cornell.


Student Organizations

The Southeast Asia Program regularly co-sponsors the activities of many Southeast Asia Student organizations on campus. These events, which include Thaifest, Malaysia Night, the Filipino Festival, Cafe Saigon, and Indonesia Night, are open to the public and have traditionally attracted large audiences from the community.


Southeast Asian Study Centers

This is a comprehensive listing of Southeast Asian study centers in the United States.