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Cambodian Food

Cambodian Food
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Have you ever tried Thai, Chinese, or Vietnamese food? Well, Cambodian food is a relative of all of those foods! In Cambodia, the foods that everyone eats every day are rice and fish. People eat the rice, fried, steamed, or as rice noodles. They eat the fish fresh, dried or salted.

A Cambodian Food You Might Not Want to Eat!

Cambodians always want to ask foreigners if they want to eat "prohoc," which is one Cambodian food which they think foreigners can't possibly be able to eat. Prohoc is made from rotten fish which is left to ferment to become a fish paste, which they eat with rice. Although this description makes prohoc sound worse than it is, many foreigners have a difficult time getting accustomed to its rather strong taste! What is especially interesting is that Cambodians call cheese "prohoc barang," which means French prohoc. To Cambodians, cheese must taste like rotten fish paste!

Seasonings which Cambodians like to use include hot peppers, lemon grass, ginger and mint.

Many older Cambodians chew betel nuts. Chewing betel nuts turns their teeth and gums a dark shade of red. The Cambodians consider dark teeth to be beautiful because white teeth are like the teeth of a skull. Even Cambodians who do not chew betel nuts often deliberately darken their teeth with paste. So, don't be alarmed when you often see people spitting out a jet of red liquid which looks rather like blood. This is in fact the juice from betel nuts, chewed for its digestive and mildly stimulating effects!

Desserts are made from either fruit or rice. Cambodians love to eat very sweet desserts. In the cities, ice cream is popular but in the countryside there is no way of keeping it cold. Tea is the most readily available drink but Cambodians also like coffee which was introduced by the French. They like to drink it with very sweet condensed milk.