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Cambodia: A Classroom Study

Cambodia: A Classroom Study
Cambodian Flag

Welcome to the online version of Cambodia: A Classroom Study. The following written materials were extracted from the teacher's manual of the boxed classroom study kit, developed by the Southeast Asia Program Outreach at Cornell University. The study kit includes a teachers manual, study objects, audio-visual materials, and books, and is available to teachers in schools throughout the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Region of New York State. SEAP Outreach receives requests for K-12 study materials throughout the year and, in an effort to make information available to audiences nationally, we have condensed this unit's contents to facilitate its wider availability. This online version of Cambodia: A Classroom Study is divided into nine different areas.  Please use the links to the left to explore this curriculum unit.

Cambodia: A Classroom Study was developed gradually through the expertise and contributions of many individuals. They are: SEAP faculty Martin Hatch,Thak Chaloemtiarana, Abby Cohn and SEAP affiliate Dolina Mallar. These individuals served on the original Outreach Committee and, with their support, urged this project along. Also instrumental to the development of this project are Dr. Keith Taylor, Dr. Toni Shapiro (SEAP Ph.D in anthropology), and Thavro Phim, SEAP's 1993-1994 visiting artist. Toni Shapiro and Thavro Phim gave numerous presentations on Cambodian dance in local schools which set the impetus to create this unit.

The segments about Cambodia were authored by Lorraine Patterson, who, in 1995, was a M.A candidate in Asian studies at Cornell. Lorraine was very gracious to share her knowledge of the country and the personal histories she collected while living in Cambodia.