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SEAP Faculty, Sarosh Kuruvilla, Receives 2017 Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grant

Sarosh Kuruvilla

Sarosh Kuruvilla is the Andrew J. Nathanson Family Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations

The goal of this project is to evaluate and restructure the Global Scholars Program at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR). Restructuring the program will involve creating a new capstone course for participants and expanding the program’s reach. The Global Scholar designation, which appears on the student’s transcript, is currently awarded to students who complete a series of international requirements. These include a significant study or engagement period abroad, demonstration of mastery of a second or third language, completion of a specified number of courses with global or regional content, and submission of a written, reflective paper in consultation with a faculty advisor. When the program was introduced five years ago, ILR limited entry through a stringent GPA requirement. The school now seeks to relax the GPA requirement to allow more students to participate. Expansion of the program will significantly increase our international faculty’s advising load at a time when anecdotal evidence suggests that the faculty-advised reflective paper is not meeting the purpose for which it was designed. Therefore, we plan to replace this component of the program through the introduction of a more rigorous capstone course that will encourage reflection on and learning from students’ international experiences. We will hire a postdoctoral scholar in comparative industrial relations, who will work with faculty in the Department of International and Comparative Labor to conduct an evaluation of the program and design the new capstone course.