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Course Highlight: Intro to Southeast Asia with Dr. Chiara Formichi

image of Southeast Asia

Where is Southeast Asia? Why is it even “a region”?! How many different languages do people speak there? How has global politics intersected with regional and national developments? This course takes you on a journey across Southeast Asia. 

Throughout the semester we will explore multiple facets of its realities in a truly multidisciplinary fashion as we’ll look into the region’s commonalities and diversity, and its connections to the greater Asian region and the West. We’ll visit the Johnson Museum and Kroch Asia Library; “travel” to Myanmar via The Portal, and play Javanese gamelan.

No previous knowledge is required to succeed in this course.

The course is suitable for undergraduates of all levels.


LECTURE: MW 1 0 : 1 0 - 1 1 : 0 0

SECT I O N S:  F 1 0 : 1 0  O R  1 1 : 1 5

Taught by D R . C H I A R A  F O R M I C H I



“I have gained a different

perspectives on events and

cultures that I hadn’t considered


“I have developed a more holistic

view of looking at regions and

questioning more of what I

already though I knew”

“I liked getting a taste for a broad

variety of topics”

“[I liked] having a variety of

lecturers who were all experts in

their fields”

COOL FACTS about Southeast Asia at Cornell

Cornell is known for being one of the world's greatest centers for the study of Southeast Asia. Not only it is recognized as such by the United States Department of Education which has supported it as a National Resource Center (NRC) without interruptions since 1958, but this has also been proven through the decades as generations of civil servants, scholars and entrepreneurs with an interest in the region have come to Ithaca to study with world-renown faculty members and peruse the library’s collection, the largest on the region in North America.