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“Possession and Persuasion” Cornell Southeast Asia Program’s 20th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Grad Conference Flyer

“Possession and Persuasion”

Cornell Southeast Asia Program’s 20th Annual

Graduate Student Conference

March 9-11, 2018

Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


9 March: Day 1

4:00 PM          Registration

4:30 PM          Opening Remarks, Prof. Abby Cohn, Juan Fernandez

Keynote Lecture, “Possession and Persuasion in/by the Field”

Prof. Chiara Formichi, Department of Asian Studies


6:00 PM          Reception


10 March: Day 2

8:30 AM          Breakfast

9:00 AM          Panel 1: Boundaries of Desire

“Borderland zin lum: affect and activism in Kachinland,”

Emily Hong, Cornell University

“Trouble in 'Gay Paradise': The exclusion of women's sexuality and denial of lesbian subjecthood in Thai history,”

Emily Donald, University of Queensland

“Fantasy of “Colonial Violence”: Japanese Settlers in a Philippine Frontier in the First Half of the Twentieth Century” 

Eri Kitada, Rutgers University

Discussant: Prof. Tamara Loos, Department of History


10:30 AM        Break


10:45 AM        Panel 2: (Re)Production

“No Pigs for the Ancestors: Kinship Travels to the East Timor Highlands,”

Prash Naidu, University of Michigan

“Messy Development: Adaptation strategies and foodways of low-income residents in rapidly urbanizing Hanoi,”

Aaron Vansintjan, University of London

“Conflicting Rights: The Problem with Commercial Surrogacy Legislation in Southeast Asia,”

Trisha Maharaj, Columbia University

“Possessions and Dispossession of Biocultural Memory: Karen Human-Plant Movement and the Persuasion/Coercions of Exile and Return,”

Terese V. Gagnon, Syracuse University

Discussant: Prof. Marina Welker, Department of Anthropology


12:45 PM        Lunch


1:45 PM          Panel 3: Inhabiting Heritage

“Dispossessions and Repossessions of Space and Memory in Kampong Glam, Singapore's Malay Heritage District,”

Alisha Elizabeth Cherian, Stanford University

“Architecture, Nationalism, and Internationalism in Indonesia, 1959-1965,”

Robin Hartanto Honggare, Columbia University

“Contemporary art in post-socialist Laos,”

Anna Koscheeva, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore

Discussant: Emiko Stock, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology


3:15 PM          Break


3:30 PM          Panel 4: Tangled Lines

“The Line of Kings: Institutional Change and the Royal Succession of Ayutthaya,”

John SF Smith, University of Michigan

“The Indonesian Jazz Archive: Canonization, Curation, and Identity,”

Otto Stuparitz, University of California Los Angeles

“’Khmer has no grammar rules:’ metapragmatic commentary and linguistic anxiety in Cambodia,”

Cheryl Yin, University of Michigan

“Conjuring Atmospherics: Buddhist Temporalities and Post-Cold War Affect in Southeast Asian Film and Video Art,”

Chairat Polmuk, Cornell University

Discussant: Prof. Kaja McGowan, Department of the History of Art


5:30 PM          Dinner


11 March: Day 3

9:30 AM          Breakfast

10:00 AM        Panel 5: Conflict and Cohesion

Slavinnen, Fanfù, & Njai: Female Servitude and Concubinage in Late 18th Century Batavia,”

Lezhi Wang, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Tlawmngaihna: Self-Proclaimed Prophets, Moral Vigilantes, and Extra Judiciary Inmates Turned Selfless Volunteers,”

Mariangela Mihai Jordan, Cornell University

‘Urang Awak’: Scales of Differentiation in Minangkabau Interaction,”

Moniek J. van Rheenen, University of Michigan

Discussant: Prof. Magnus Fiskesjö, Department of Anthropology


11:30 PM        Closing Remarks, Mary Kate Long