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Southeast Asian Student Organizations

Students Cornell Myanmar

Cornell Students for Myanmar

We are a new student organization on campus, aiming to spread awareness of Myanmar and its culture, and to connect students with similar interests. People of all backgrounds in the Cornell community are welcome!



Filipino Association

Comprised of undergraduates, graduates, and Ithaca residents, the Cornell Filipino Association (CFA) promotes the beauty of Filipino culture within the Cornell and greater Ithaca community. We strive to provide a support network, as well as a forum for discussing Filipino culture, heritage, and traditions.  CFA is open to all those wanting to learn more about the beautiful islands of the Philippines.  We aim to celebrate and educate through club activities, annual events, cultural dance, and (of course) traditional food.


Student Org:


President: Nicole Tan

Co-President: Sierra Jamir

Vice President: Matthew Sison

Treasurer: Francis Ledesma

Advisor: BJ Siasoco


Indonesian Association

Through our varied programs, CIA is focused on promoting Culture, Inclusion, and Academics. We strive to enhance the relationship between Indonesian students and scholars at Cornell University, and to promote Indonesia's rich and amazing culture to the greater Ithaca community.


Student Org:


President: Timothy Wiranata

Vice President: Daniel Harianja

Treasurer: Lydia Wiranata

Administrative Officer: Ekarina Winarto

Advisor: Jolanda M. Pandin

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Malaysian Association

CMA is an association that conducts activities to promote esprit de corps among Malaysian students at Cornell, connect students and Cornell to Cornell alumni in Malaysia, as well as promoting Malaysian culture to the Cornell community. CMA is not a political organization, and serves to act for the welfare and well-being of students.

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Student Org:


President: Abigail Shu Yee Lim

Vice President: Yiu Min Gan

Treasurer: Julian Koh

Student Advisor: Bryan Sheng Cong Tam

Advisor: Frances Yufen Lee Mehta

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Singapore Association

The organization's foremost goal is to serve as a home away from home for Singaporeans. Throughout the academic year, we organize various events for our members to get together, with an aim of developing closer ties and fostering kinship. We also aim to promote Singaporean culture and heritage to the Cornell community.


Student Org:


President: Yiheng Huang

Vice President: Li-Sha Lim

Treasurer: Shaun Guanghui Yan

Secretary: Magdalene Ming Hui Teo

Advisor: Jolanda Pandin


Thai Association

CTA brings together all Thai's ranging from freshmen undergraduates to PhD candidates as well as those who express interest in Thai culture. Throughout the year, get-together events forge the bonds between members, and cultural events celebrate Thai culture.

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Student Org:


President: Ratchanon Rittiboon

Co President: Benjamin Chiaravanont

Treasurer: Panisa Darakananda

Public Relations: Kathleen Turajane

Advisor: Apikanya McCarty


Vietnamese Association

The Cornell Vietnamese Association is an organization that promotes awareness, appreciation, and education of Vietnamese culture and heritage across the Cornell and Ithaca communities. In addition to creating a platform on which our members can learn about and understand Vietnamese culture, we provide those interested in Vietnamese culture a forum to discuss issues pertaining to Vietnamese communities. Throughout the year, we have various events and activities for our members and community that focus on one or more of our three pillars: education, service, and culture. Some of these annual events include Pho night, Banh Mi night, Tet celebrations, and our spring culture show, Cafe Saigon.

Facebook Page:

Student Org:


Co President: Tiana Le

Co President: Vanha Pham

Treasurer: Luong Mai

Secretary: Trang Dau

Advisor: Donna Ramil