Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Comprehensive information for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in applying for a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship for both Summer 2015 and academic year 2015-2016.

Funding Opportunities

A listing of favored funding opportunities, as well as a searchable funding database, for SEAP graduate and undergraduate students. Also features information on how Southeast Asia student organizations at Cornell can apply for co-sponsorship funding for events or cultural activities.

Employment Opportunities

Contains information on employment opportunities both national and international.

Summer Language Learning Opportunities

Contains links and information regarding summer language programs that may be of interest to SEAP students.

Kahin Center

Links to information about the George McT. Kahin Center for Advanced Research on Southeast Asia, including building use, archives and architectural history.

Cornell University Partners

Cornell University partners are the organizations affiliated with SEAP that provide students and scholars in Southeast Asian Studies with scholarly and cultural resources on Cornell University’s Ithaca campus.

Links & Resources

Contains information on various websites that have been of interest to SEAP students and scholars, information on various Southeast Asian study centers within the United States, and information on regional resources by country.