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Trends in Khmer Art

Jean Boisselier & Natasha Eilenberg , eds.
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A translation of Professor Boisselier's original exposition. This monograph discusses twenty-four sculptures representative of Khmer art. These beautiful and magnificent monuments-all of which come from the court or monastery and all of which are invested with symbolism-are part of a culture of learning, politics, and religion that link the courts of Southeast Asia to the classical traditions of India. The author takes pains to refrain from using overtly technical language, but he does not hesitate to present fully his fascinating research on artistic development and influence. Includes extremely brief chapters on the history and religions of Cambodia as background for understanding the discussion of the statuary itself (which is informative, insightful, and clearly presented) as well as beautiful black-and-white reproductions and a glossary. 1989. 124 pages.

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