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From PKI to the Comintern, 1924-1941 : The Apprenticeship of the Malayan Communist Party

Cheah Boon Kheng
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A compilation of selected documents-the obtaining of which (detailed in the introduction) make for a fascinating tale within itself. But the documents themselves are equally fascinating, for they provide rare glimpses into the formation (in the 1920s and 1930s), development, thought, and policies of the early Malaysian Communist Party, which was actually less Malaysian than Indonesian, Vietnamese, and especially Chinese in racial composition during the years under consideration. Each section of this work is provided with a useful introduction that explains the nature of such varied documents as the secret reviews of the state of communism in various years by the MCP, the reports of anti-Communist action by the Party, a brief, official history of the MCP, and a notice from the U.S. Consul in Singapore to the State Department about the subversive activities of one Tal Malaka. 1992. 147 pages.

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