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Paths to Conflagration: Fifty Years of Diplomacy and Warfare in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam

Mayoury Ngaosyvathn & Pheuiphanh Ngaosyvathn
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A little studied area of interest, the 1827-1828 war between Siam and Laos had formidable and lasting repercussions on the rest of Southeast Asia and was a prelude to the expansion of European colonial powers. This cataclysmic event is studied through reports, documents, testimonies, and archives-written in an array of languages-which describe the conflict and its aftermath in an attempt to interpret the attitudes and ideologies of those involved. The ambitious project of the authors is to restore to the Lao people their roots and history and to reconcile them with the Thai. The work encompasses a story of war and peace, and the histories of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, and the English in the Malay Peninsula. 1998. 268 pages.

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