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Making Indonesia

Making Indonesia
Daniel S. Lev & Ruth McVey , eds.
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This collection examines the genesis and evolution of the modern Indonesian nation-state. Essays range from a study of the nation's imaginative conception to a study of the Suharto government's political and financial infrastructure. Contributing authors include Ruth McVey, Takashi Shiraishi, Fred Bunnell, and Benedict R. O'G Anderson (whose fascinatingly original contribution is entitled Language, Fantasy, Revolution: Java 1900-1950). The works study such varied topics as the independence leader Sjahrir, Indonesian Communism, nationalist movements and the Indonesian revolution, theories and constructions of statehood, law and justice, and questions of violence and reform. Dedicated to the memory and scholarship of George McT. Kahin, this work focuses on Indonesia's development as a state and its conception of itself as a nation. Essays contributed to honor George McT. Kahin.

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