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2015 Fall Bulletin

Cornell University Southeast Asia Program Fall Bulletin 2015
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3 Letter from the Director, Kaja M. McGowan


6 Called to Cambodia: How a China Scholar Developed the Cornell in Cambodia Program by Andrew Mertha

11 What to Do with the Testimony of a Brahmin? A Day in the Manuscript Room of the National Library of Thailand by Matt Reeder

16 Toward a Natural History of Vietnamese Ceramics by Stanley J. O'Connor with an Introduction by Pamela Corey

20 Historical Consulting on the Set of Broadway's The King and I by Tamara Loos

22 Photo Essay: Love Hate Love: Photographs from Java by Brian Arnold

26 Thai Fiction and the Anthropologist by Hjorleifur Jonsson


29 SEAP Languages: Filipino (Tagalog) Oral Proficiency Guidelines: A Collaborative Project by Maria Theresa Savella

31 SEAP Publications

32 The Echols Collection: SEApapers: Serial Publications from Southeast Asia Going Digital by Gregory Green

34 SEAP Outreach


36 Announcements: On Campus and Beyond

38 Upcoming Courses, Events, Gatty Lectures Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

40 Awards

42 Faculty Associates in Research and New Faculty (Kosal Path, Mara Alper, Yu Yu Khaing)

43 Faculty Listing

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