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Ngampit Jagacinski

Senior Lecturer of Thai
Ngampit Jagacinski

Ngampit Jagacinski received both her Ph.D. and MA in Chinese Linguistics at Ohio State University, and has been teaching Thai language in the Department of Asian Studies since 2000. Her teaching and research interests are the language, culture and history of the Bangkok area as well as north and northeastern regions of Thailand.                              

Recent Publications:
  • Jagacinski, N. (2011). "Folk Stories from the Tai Lue of Sipsongpanna in V. Meir and M. Bender, (Eds.), Columbia Reader of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature. New York: Columbia University Press.
  • Jagacinski, N., Engel, J., and Haberkorn, T. (2013). Reflections of the past: A collection of selected poems from Sattrisan 1970 - 1976. Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books



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