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Andrew Willford

Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies
Andrew Willford

Andrew Willford is a professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies at Cornell University. His previous research focused on various forms of Tamil and Hindu displacement, revivalism, and identity politics in Malaysia. One recent book of his, entitled Tamils and the Haunting of Justice: History and Recognition in Malaysia's Plantations (U. Hawaii Press), examines how Tamil plantation communities face the uncertainties of retrenchment and relocation in MalaysiaHis latest book, The Future of Bangalore’s Cosmopolitan Pasts: Civility and Difference in a Global City (University of Hawaii, 2018) examines the politics of language, religion, identity, and belonging in Bangalore, India,  over a 20 year period. He is currently researching mental health, psychiatry, neurology, and religious healing traditions in India and North America.

Current Projects: “The Haunting of Justice: History and Recognition in Malaysia’s Plantations" (published); mental health care in India and North America

Key Networks: American Anthropological Association, American Ethnological Society

Topics of Interest: Ethnicity, Nationalism, Globalization, Psychoanalysis, Religious revivalism, Malaysia, India

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