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SEAP students are registered with the Southeast Asia Program. As a student member of SEAP, you receive immediate access to faculty, staff, and other SEAP students. You are the first to be informed of the latest news, events, and current work of scholars in the field of Southeast Asian Studies.
Namesort icon Email Degree Pursued Discipline Research Countries Research Interests
Alldredge, Jackson MA Government Indonesia The politics of democratic transitions in military regimes.
Beban, Alice PhD Development Sociology Cambodia
Buyco, Ryan PhD Department of Asian Studies Philippines
transpacific imaginaries (particularly as it relates to Okinawa, the Philippines and Hawai'i)
critical geography
Charoenkajonchai, Sukhum PhD Regional Science Thailand
Economic development of Asia
Trade integration of ASEAN + 3 countries
Chia, Jack Meng-Tat PhD History
Southeast Asia-China Interactions;
Chinese Popular Religion;
Chinese Diaspora;
South China Sea (maritime networks, migration and religion)
Area: Southeast Asia (insular, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore);
China; Taiwan
Corey, Pamela PhD History of Art
modern and contemporary art, visual studies, critical theory
Asian art history; Southeast Asia, Vietnam, and Cambodia studies
modern literature, photography, and film in Southeast Asia and its diasporas
theorizations of space, regionalism, colonialism and postcolonialism, urbanism, transnationalism, subject formation, affect and emotion
Croteau, Chantal MA Asian Studies Thailand
dalferro, alexandra PhD anthropology Thailand textiles (silk weaving), materiality, sensory ethnography, critical heritage studies, museology, nationalism and identity, khmer communities in thailand
Daro Minarchek, Rebakah PhD Development Sociology Indonesia Agriculture; political economy; gender; land tenure; land/forest rights; community mapping; Sunda
Dettman, Sebastian PhD Government Indonesia Comparative politics, political parties, elections, and subnational comparative research.
Di Pietrantonio, Natalia PhD History of Art Islamic art, Cross-cultural dimensions of Southeast and South Asian art, Marginalia, Indo-Islamic history, Erotica, Gender & Sexuality Studies. My dissertation is tentatively tiled "Visions of Desire: The Art of Awadh's Court, 1754-1857."
Fear, Sean PhD History Vietnam Twentieth Century Vietnamese History, Vietnam War, US-South Vietnamese relations
Fossati, Diego PhD Government
Comparative politics (Southeast Asian politics), welfare state in developing countries, health policy, policy reform, political parties in young democracies, political economy, local governance in decentralized countries, voting behavior.
Fu, Lin PhD Indonesia Political economy
Gaczol, Przemyslaw MA City & Regional Planning Vietnam
Transportation Accessibility
Public Transportation
Halili, Gabriel MA City and Regional Planning Philippines
Jordan, Mariangela PhD Anthropology Burma sovereignty, migration, visual anthropology, the ethics of collaboration
Kang, Carissa PhD Developmental Psychology (minor Cognitive Science) Singapore
Bilingualism & Attentional development (across socioeconomic status and cultures), Code-switching and attentional developmnent (Executive function) in adults and children
Children's conceptual development of choice across cultures (Singapore vs. America)
Keating, Corey PhD Music Composition Vietnam
Music Composition
Music Technology
Acoustic Ecology
Musical Semiotics
Interactive Media
Electronic/Avant-garde Music
Kurniawan, Ferdinan PhD Linguistics Indonesia Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Austronesian/Indonesian linguistics
Lim, Wah Guan PhD Asian Studies Singapore Theatre & performance in the Chinese-speaking world, modern & contemporary Chinese literature & culture, Chinese-language film and media, postcolonial theory
Mabutas, Maricar PhD Philippines Economics of Education, Public Policy Analysis
McGrath, Alexander MA Master's of Regional Planning Candidate in City & Regional Planning Vietnam Currently most of my academic work focuses on economic modeling around the Vietnamese economy and what the implications are of trends in economic linkages within the economy for rural and agricultural households. My previous summer was spent with the Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (CASRAD) in Hanoi researching vegetable value chains in Peri-urban Hanoi.
Minarchek, Matthew PhD History Indonesia Southeast Asian (Indonesia) history. I study Indonesian history, environmental history, and historical geography in northern Sumatra during the mid-late colonial period.
Napathorn, Chaturong PhD International and Comparative Labor/ HR Thailand Human resource/ Industrial relations (HR/IR) practices unique to emerging markets, multinational corporations, emerging multinational corporations, and HR/ IR practices in cross border strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions
Oh, Edmund PhD Development Sociology Vietnam
Park, Jinyoung PhD International Comparative Labor Burma labor, labor movement, gender, internationalism
Piao, Jinglin MA Asian Studies Vietnam ethnic minorities' health and healing, borderlands between China and Southeast Asian countries, anthropology of the body, medical anthropology
POLMUK, CHAIRAT PhD Asian Literature, Religion, and Culture Thailand Southeast Asian literature, films, and intellectual history (Thailand and Laos)
Pulver, Megan MA City and Regional Planning Burma Land use Planning and affordable housing.
Rahadiningtyas, Anissa PhD Art History Indonesia Indonesian modern art
Rainwater, Katie PhD Development Sociology Thailand Labor, Migration, Global Commodity Chains, Precarity
Reeder, Matt PhD history
Mainland Southeast Asia, ethnicity, social groups, early modern history, intellectual history, historiography, nationalism, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.
Reisnour, Nicole PhD Ethnomusicology Indonesia
Saypanya, Santi PhD Natural Resources Laos Social Marketing Campaign: Social Perspectives and Effectiveness of Wildlife Conservation in Lao PDR
Sheng, Annie PhD Anthropology
Soenarto, Ermita PhD History Indonesia Islam, history of children, childhood history
Stock, Emiko PhD Anthropology Cambodia
Cambodia, Chams, Muslims in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.
Inter-ethnicities, Elusive Identities, Time, Multisited situations.
Historical Anthropology. Visual Anthropology. Writing of Ethnography
Sundita, Christopher PhD Linguistics Philippines phonology, phonetics, historical linguistics, morphology, sociolinguistics, Austronesian languages, Philippine languages, Tagalog, Kapampangan
Townsend, Rebecca PhD History
Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and the Philippines; Development; Film studies; Gender and Sexuality; Emotion and affect; Political participation and sociopolitical networks; Cultural exchange and transnationalism; Popular culture; Censorship.
Tran, Mai Van PhD Government
VanNocker, Amy International Agriculture and Rural Development Small-holder agriculture in SE Asia, System of Rice Intensification, Agricultural Policy
Vo, Alex-Thai PhD History Vietnam Modern Vietnamese History with concentration on the Vietnam War and the social transformation of North Vietnam from 1945-1975. Topics of interest: Land reform, Nhan Van Giai Pham affair, Reeducation Camps, Diasporas & Refugees, etc.
Vu, Hoang Minh PhD History - Southeast Asian History Vietnam
Vietnamese foreign policy since 1975
International history of the Cold War
Vu, Yen PhD French/ Romance Studies Vietnam Francophone, colonial & postcolonial literature in the Indochinese context, memory and autobiography
Winarto, Ekarina PhD Linguistics Indonesia Syntax, Indonesian & Austronesian Linguistics, Germanic Linguistics
Wu, Ifan PhD Anthropology Malaysia Chinese in Malaysia; religious healing practices; linguistic ideology; body politics; gender, self and personhood; globalization
Zhou, Taomo PhD History Indonesia Diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia during the Cold War; the mass violence in Indonesia in 1965-1966; Chinese in Indonesia