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2017 Fall SEAP Bulletin

Fall 2017 Bulletin cover
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3 Letter from Director, by Abby Cohn


4 From Mountain to Sea: Cornell Modern Indonesia Project's Third Conference Commenmorates the 50th Anniversary of Claire Holt's Art in Indonesia: Continuities and Change, by Kaja McGowan

8 Stitching Together One Day in the Life of Cornell in Cambodia's Performing Angkor: Dance, Silk, & Stone, by Kaja McGowan

12 Cambodia's Search for Identity, by Abigail Chen

15 Thai Spirit Mediums, Jesus, and an Anthropologist in Bangkok, by Erick White

18 Making the UNfamiliar Familiar: Engaging the Senses to Overcome Culture Shock in the Field, by Marilyn Brody

22 The Language of Jakarta: Past and Present, by Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan


24 SEAP Languages: Faculty Spotlight on Hannah Phan, Senior Lecturer, Khmer

26 The Echols Collection: Teaching Genocide: Using Kroch Library Resources to Prompt Inquiry and Reflection, by Gaurav Toor

29 SEAP Publications

30 SEAP Outreach: SEAP Co-hosts Workshop on Refugees in the Classroom, by Leigha Crout


32 Announcements: On Campus and Beyond

33 Upcoming Events

34 New Faculty Associate in Research

35 SEAP Faculty Recipients of Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants

36 New Faculty

38 Awards

39 SEAP Faculty 2017-2018


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