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From regional to language studies, there are many Southeast Asian courses on offer. Consider learning one of the six Southeast Asian languages taught at Cornell. SEAP faculty offer fascinating courses in a wide variety of departments and disciplines such as instruction in Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. Check out this semester's offerings below.

Southeast Asian Studies & International Studies Courses

Southeast Asian Language Courses  


Courses Abroad 

Every year the Southeast Asia Program partners with departments and colleges around the campus to support and promote study abroad courses. These courses vairy from year to year in the way of theme, location, and content. Please refer to the list below for our current winter session courses. 

Cornell in Cambodia

This course is a two-three week immersive experience in Cambodia. Students join a faculty member and TA in Cambodia to receive a hands on, in country instruction. The enrollment capacity is 10-12 Cornell students. Dates and course content are subject to change depending on which faculty member will lead the course. In the past we have promoted two different themes, however there is a high degree of overlap. Previous courses include: 

  • Chinese Empire and the Cambodian Experience. The course was led by Professor Andrew Mertha (Government). 
  • Performing angkor: Dance, Silk, and Stone. This course was led by Professor Kaja McGowan (Art History). 

Cornell in Vietnam 

This course is uniquely structured with three module components. This course offers a seven week instruction period in the fall semester, a three week immersion over winter break, and another seven week period of instruction in the spring semester. This course focuses on the human and environmental issues concerning climate change in Vietnam. The previous course title was: 

  • Climate Change Awareness and Service Learning in the Mekong Delta. The course was led by Professors Thuy Tranviet and Mike Hoffmann.