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Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia, to the south of China, west of Thailand and east of India. Other surrounding neighbors include Bangladesh and Laos. To the southwest of Myanmar lies the Andaman Sea. Myanmar consists of fourteen separate states and divisions. The current capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, located in the Mandalay Division. Maps of Myanmar can be obtained from our lending library for the following activity.

Lesson: Wall Map of Myanmar

Target Level: Grade 2-5

Objective: The student will identify Myanmar on a world map and name its bordering countries.


  • Extra-large piece of white paper (the size of a tri-fold posterboard)
  • Markers and crayons
  • Map of Myanmar with major cities and rivers
  • Map of Myanmar with the 14 divisions
  • Map of Myanmar showing neighboring countries


  • Tape the large white paper on the wall. Project the map of Myanmar onto the white paper. Trace the outline of the map of Myanmar with a pencil onto the white paper.

Pre-activity Exercise:

  • Distribute 3 types of Myanmar maps to the students:
    • One that illustrates Myanmar and its neighboring countries
    • One that illustrates the 14 states and divisions of Myanmar
    • One that illustrates the Irrawady River and major cities in Myanmar
  • Pull up a world map and ask students to find the following items on the map:
    • The continent of Asia
    • The country Myanmar
    • Neighboring countries that share a border with Myanmar (China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos)
    • Body of water that share a border with Myanmar (Andaman Sea)
  • Pull up the map of Myanmar and ask students to identify the following items on the map:
    • Capital of Myanmar (Naypyidaw)
    • Major cities in Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay)
    • Major rivers (Irrawaddy River)
    • Count how many states and divisions Myanmar has


  • Instruct students to trace over the pencil outline of Myanmar with a marker.
  • Ask students to identify, draw in, and label neighboring countries and their borders.
  • Ask students to color in each country with a different color.
  • Identify, draw in, and label the major cities and the capital of Myanmar.
  • Have students draw in and label the Irrawaddy River.
  • Identify the Andaman Sea in relation to Myanmar and color the sea blue.
  • Hang the large map of Myanmar on the wall to show off the students’ work.


  • Divide up the map of Myanmar into its 14 states and divisions.
  • Label each section (Kachin State, Sagaing Division, Chin State, Rakhine State, Magway Division, Mandalay Division, Shan State, Bago Division, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Yangon Division, Kayah State, Kayin State, Mon State, Tanintharyi Division).
  • Color in each state and division a different color.