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2016 Spring Bulletin

2016 Spring e-Bulletin
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5 New Directions in New Music among the Islands

10 The Structure of Silk: The Institutionalization of Silk and the Role of the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture of Surin, Thailand 

15 Photo Essay: From Sandstone to Selfie Sticks at Shwe Sandaw: Experiencing Pagan in Seven Steps 

22 Performing Islam in Southeast Asia by Chiara Formichi 25 From Chance Encounters to Collaborative Exchange: Forming Community at the 2015 Burma/Myanmar Research Forum

28 A Layered Perspective: Exploring My Identity through Filipino History and Literature


32 SEAP Languages: Learning from Community in Thai Classes 

34 SEAP Outreach: Burmese Beyond Cornell: SEAP Brings Burmese Language Instruction to Utica

35 SEAP Publications 36 The Echols Collection: Gods and Scholars: Studying Religion at a Secular University 


38 On Campus and Beyond

40 Kahin Center Update: Productive Ghosts at Kahin

41 Awards

42 Visiting Fellows

43 Faculty Listing

44 New Johnson Museum Acquisition

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