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Nina Hien

Adjunct Instructor, The Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU; Adjunct Associate Professor, Online B.A. in Communication & Media, School of Professional Studies, CUNY
Nina Hein

Nina Hien, a cultural anthropologist, specializes in media studies, visual cultures and art worlds in global, regional, national and urban contexts, particularly Southeast Asia, the United States and Vietnam, where she has conducted extensive ethnographic research. Her teaching approach is interdisciplinary and experimental, often integrating ethnographic methods and assignments into her classes. She received her doctorate from Cornell with a dissertation about the official and vernacular practices of photography that were being used to reanimate “traditional” power structures that had been suppressed by the ruling regime. Recent publications include an essay in the Trans Asia Photography Review about the denial of “the ugly” in documentary photography in Ho Chi Minh City, an article about the connection between Vietnamese aesthetics and neoliberalism in Positions: Asia Critique , and a book chapter in Food:  Ethnographic Encounters about the globalization of food culture and dining experience in Ho Chi Minh City. She is currently focusing on research that explores the body, the senses, perception and synesthesia in digital technology.