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Philippines Culture Kit

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a full color inventory list of this culture kit. The Philippines culture kit is filled with a plethora of cultural symbols and artifacts reflecting the local climate of the Philippines. Items which can be borrowed comprise of: Nipa basket, woven cup holder, t-shirt, toy Jeepney, assortment of postcards, stamps, maps, currency and coins, woven mat, flag, rattan ball, photos, etc.

To arrange a loan:

  1. Click on the links for the country and/or topics you are interested in. Download the inventories to see the contents and make selections

  2. Email to be added as a library patron

  3. Go to to check out culture kits from the lending library

Questions or feedback? Contact us at:

The Cornell Southeast Asia Program Outreach Office 

Tel: (607) 255-6688