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Approaching Suharto's Indonesia From the Margins

Approaching Suharto's Indonesia From the Margins
Takashi Shiraishi, ed.
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This text is the fourth and final volume in a series of essays by Japanese scholars of Southeast Asia. Essayists include Yoshinori Murai, whose "The Authoritarian Bureaucratic Politics of Development: Indonesia under Suharto's New Order" considers the political styles and methodologies of Suharto's New Order government, and Yuri Sato, whose "The Development of Business Groups in Indonesia: 1967-1989" studies the economic development of Indonesia under Suharto. Yosuke Fuke's essay, "Used-Clothing Routes: From Japan to Indonesia," is a delightfully unique study of one aspect of the economic and cultural relationship between Japan and Indonesia. This collection is a learned, erudite, and eminently readable study of Suharto's regime. Illustrations. Maps.

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